iCi Introduces:

Dynamic Skincare

Your skin is constantly changing.

From temperature and humidity to your emotions, sleep, stress, nutrition, and water consumption,

internal and environmental factors are constantly interacting to affect the state of your skin’s health.

And yet, traditional skincare continues to stay the same.

We use the same products, day in and day out.

Traditional routines just can’t keep up with the constantly fluctuating needs of our skin.

iCi has developed a solution.

10 Years of Research
30% Improvement

The iCi Daily Ritual

iCi’s Three Core Technologies

Intelligent Skin Scanner

The iCi Intelligent Skin Scanner was engineered to utilize cutting-edge Diffuse Optical Tomography (DOT) and Hydration Sensing technologies, making it the first “smart device” on the market able to accurately detect and analyze subcutaneous tissues under the skin. Using DOT to penetrate the skin with beams of light, the scanner collects data based on how the light is reflected by cells under the skin, revealing conditions that are otherwise invisible on the skin’s surface.  


With a level of precision equivalent to the device used in the “Skin-B: Skin Aging Experiment” conducted by NASA, the data collected by the scanner is then cross-referenced with the iCi database, allowing users to customize how they attend to the real needs of their skin on an individual and daily basis. 

An R-value higher than 0.70 indicates that the precision of iCi sensing technology is highly positive as compared to CK’s instrument and corneometer, indicating the highly precise nature of iCi sensing technology. 

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